Using Call Tracking In Your Online Retail Strategy

As an online retail store you may find that, depending on the sort of products you offer, you depend on telephone enquiries to generate a response. In our free eBook “Changes In Consumer Response”, we talk about the “Need to Call” matrix, and how the amount (and type) of phone calls you receive may depend upon the complexity of the products you offer.

Regardless of where your business sits in this matrix, if you’re generating response via the telephone you need to know where those calls are coming from. We know how it is — sometimes tracking where your response is coming from, especially for an online retail company, can feel like being shoved in an over-sized shopping cart full of lunatics heading full speed down a very steep road; crazy and uncertain.

A call tracking service such as Mediahawk’s could help you ascertain this kind of analytical information easily, so you can do more of what works and less of what’s sucking the life from your budget.

Discover which channels make the phones ring

If you’re relying heavily on the telephone to generate a response, then it’s very beneficial to know where about’s those calls are actually coming from. Being an online business you would likely need something a bit more dynamic than static phone numbers.

With a visitor level call tracking solution like Mediahawk’s, you can track which websites are referring traffic to your pages, but also the keywords that people are searching for that lead to your website and compel them to actually make a call.

If you’re relying on SEO and PPC services such as AdWords to drive traffic, call tracking can help you focus on your keyword strategy, putting more money and energy on those that generate a response while paying less attention to those that don’t. This can save you a truck load of money on your PPC campaigns.

Which product pages generate phone calls

Now you know where the calls are coming from, we still have the question of knowing which of your web pages are causing your visitors to call. More specifically, the question could be put: “Which products are people viewing that are causing these phone calls to happen?”

The visitor level call tracking solution we talked about above will follow your visitors from the moment they entered your site (whether that be via keyword, referral site etc.) all the way through to the pages they visited — as well as identifying which page or product they were viewing when they made the call.

This can give great insight into which of your product’s are generating a response; which are people most interested in, or are causing people to ask questions? You can gain the answers to these questions and more.

Gather FAQ’s

It’s also fairly likely that you get a lot of customer service calls containing repetitive queries regarding your products that could be answered on a dedicated page of your website.

Using call recording can help you to discover what questions your prospects are asking about your products, so you can add these to a FAQ section of your site (or your individual product pages) and eliminate the amount of calls coming in to your customer service department.

Another great benefit of using call recording is to help improve your sales force effectiveness – both inbound and outbound – so you can tailor your training to your sales staff, making their development with your company super-personalised.

Split testing

This is where a big increase in your ROI can occur. By pitting an advert, landing page, offer or call-to-action against one another you can bring in a big increase in response quite quickly.

You can do this for both your digital marketing as well as traditional advertising efforts. The idea is to take two (or more, in some cases) variations of an advert, landing page, PPC ad or other marketing method against a different version of it to see which one gains the most telephone response. By changing only one element of each piece of marketing you want to test at a time, you may start to see your conversion rates increase exponentially.

This is just scraping the surface of what call tracking can do for your online retail business. Why not request a demo of our Mediahawk call tracking system and see how it can help boost your ROI and cut waste in your marketing budget further?

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