Top five tips on how to increase telephone enquiries

You’re spending a considerable amount of money on marketing but chances are you are unable to pinpoint which area is feeding you the most telephone enquiries.
By making a few simple changes to your next marketing campaign, you could dramatically increase your enquiry stream and improve the overall effectiveness in this area.

By using trackable telephone numbers on your website, direct mail and other marketing activity; whoever calls these numbers will be captured via an online reporting system. The insight you get from monitoring your marketing activity is invaluable. You will gain a unique understanding of which activity your customer responds to and how they prefer to make contact. Once you start using this method to track calls, you will never look back.

The following actions can be added to your existing campaigns to give you a much clearer picture of how your customers are responding to your marketing activity:

1. Call tracking telephone number

By adding a specific trackable telephone number (08 or local area prefix) to your marketing material and directing your targets to call it, you will be able to track the response to this activity. By using a specific telephone number as a call to action you can alleviate the mystery that often surrounds marketing campaign response. Your marketing therefore becomes more visible giving you the ability to:

  • See how many calls were made in response to a specific campaign
  • Identify the cost per response
  • Expose how many calls went unanswered or reached a busy tone

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2. Multi-channel marketing 

If you are using many different channels to market your business and have different campaigns running alongside each other it is vital to know the outcome of each campaign. If you aren’t measuring the success of each activity on an individual basis, it will be more difficult to judge which medium is the most cost effective. If you use a call tracking number on your marketing material, you could find out the following:

  • Return on investment (ROI) from marketing
  • Effectiveness of marketing by channel
  • Effectiveness of marketing by location

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3. Campaign planning

Successful marketing is always down to good planning. When planning your marketing activity having the ability to see a clear and accurate picture of the responses to your last campaign is vital. The decision making process is so much easier when your last direct mail campaign saw you receiving 50 calls compared to your print advertising getting five calls. With this data at your fingertips the process of planning for the next quarter will become more simplified. Make your decisions based on real facts and reap the following benefits:

  • Save money on advertising that hasn’t worked
  • Identify peak selling periods
  • Boost your enquiries at certain times of the year

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4. Handling enquiries

If your enquiries are up but sales are down, how do you identify the problem? Handling enquiries on the telephone is a fine art and your team may require training. If you recorded all your inbound enquiries, you could be listening to them within the hour sitting at your desk through a pc. Once any weaknesses have been discovered you can implement a training initiative and start to see an increase in conversions. Using call recording will give you the opportunity to focus on improving sales conversions:

  • Listen to calls using a secure online login
  • Flag important calls requiring action
  • Use call content for training purposes

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5. Put a price on every enquiry 

If you accurately measure your marketing activity using call tracking, you can work out the cost per lead on every activity. When the telephone rings in response to advertising, it gets logged and can be seen at any time throughout the day. The campaign can be set up to work out how much each enquiry from a specific campaign is costing you. Once you see the real price you are paying for marketing activity it will enable you to tailor your campaigns to suit your budget and make decisions based on the return you are likely to get from it.

  • Make marketing decisions related to the cost of each lead
  • Increase your marketing budget based on past campaign success
  • Cut out ineffective marketing

To add call tracking and recording to your next marketing campaign, get in touch.

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