The Top Uses For Call Tracking Numbers

We’ve long been talking about the benefits of call tracking; how it can ramp up your current marketing efforts and dramatically decrease costs. The evidence is out there and suggests that, if you rely heavily on the phone to generate a response, call tracking is an absolutely must-have in your business.

There are countless articles and blog posts (including our own) that talk about why you should use call tracking, but what about the how?

In this article I’m going to show you some of the top ways to use call tracking numbers within your marketing, and hopefully get your idea juices flowing.

Discover which keywords generate calls

Whether it be SEO or PPC, you likely get a lot of your website traffic from search engines. When you rely heavily on the telephone to generate a response (as in — it’s one of the prime calls-to-actions you want your visitors to take) it’s good to know which keywords are bringing in the highest volume of calls.

Using visitor level tracking can give you this insight, allowing you to laser in on which keywords you need to focus on.

This can save you a lot of money, especially if you’re getting hits from a lot of PPC keywords that aren’t generating a response, allowing you to cut out the wasteful ads and increase budget on the more effective ones.

Discover which referring sites generate your calls

Similarly, you may be doing a lot of guest blogging, display advertising or native advertising on other websites to generate traffic. It can be quite difficult to work out which of these generate a phone call for your business, and this is where visitor level call tracking comes back into play.

Similarly, social media platforms could be another source of your websites traffic, and call tracking can help you find which are truly being most profitable for you.

For instance, if you’re engaging with your audience or potential prospects on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, but Facebook isn’t generating any leads whatsoever, you can adjust your strategy to reflect this.

Split test traditional advertising

For many businesses, print advertising is still alive and well — if done properly. Many of our clients have used call tracking to find out that many of their print ads are providing a very poor ROI and are therefore able to focus on the ones that do, saving them a truck load of money in the process.

Furthermore, you can use call tracking numbers to split test different ads within the same publication. Let’s say you want to test two different calls-to-action in The Times — by giving them two separate phone numbers you can find out which of the two generates the biggest response. This can give you much insight for how to move forward.

Increase sales effectiveness

Thanks to inbound call recording, a feature that comes with the Mediahawk call tracking software, you can listen to how your sales staff are doing and give them 1-to-1 feedback on what they could be doing differently in order to increase their conversion rates.

This really revolutionises staff training from a “one size fits all” to a more contextual, one on one based training method.

Your staff all do things differently, and this can help you focus on the one’s that need help the most in a way that truly helps them to grow and improve.

Increase operational effectiveness

What do I mean by “operational effectiveness” anyway? This term covers things like customer service and other front-line aspects of your business.

Using call recording in this manner can help you identify many frequently asked questions, complaint patterns and, once again, help train staff more effectively.

It’s also a great way to collect a list of common objections towards your product or service. Sometimes we can only see the bigger picture once we have a complete overview of what’s going on within our businesses. Call tracking can give you this overview.

So there we have it – five solid ways you can be using call tracking to really increase marketing effectiveness and cut out the waste from your budget.

Already using call tracking? Doing it in a way that we haven’t mentioned or might be considered “unconventional”? Let us know in the comments below!

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