The Jubilee will create a 20% reduction in business enquiries

As the Queens Jubilee approaches there is a general air of excitement in communities across the land.

Whilst we all love a good celebration and TWO days of holiday, the elephant in the room will be the effect the Jubilee will have on our businesses. We are constantly being told that the UK economy is on the critical list and in the coming months we have a number of events including the Jubilee, European Championship and Olympics which may cause problems for businesses.

We’ve reviewed call data from over 3 million inbound calls to a retail group, who have over 100 sites in the UK, to estimate the effect the Jubilee will have on our businesses.

In this research, we’ve analysed the inbound enquiries to compare the average telephone call volumes on a particular day of the week in comparison to Easter and the Royal Wedding – both having holidays from Friday through to Monday.

The Results

As you can see in the table below the results show that on the Wednesday and Thursday before Easter, the call volume behaves like a normal week day. Good Friday naturally collapses, Saturday goes back to having normal demand and Sunday is significantly lower than average. What’s particularly interesting is the high increase in call volume on the Tuesday following Easter.

Volume of calls

Easter Royal Wedding Average daily calls
Wed 4,092 4,948 4,283
Thu 3,915 4,581 4,022
Fri 1,302 780 3,827
Sat 1,796 2,083 1,744
Sun 321 484 512
Mon 1,039 984 4,844
Tue 5,980 6,751 4,551
Total 18,443 20,611 23,784
As a % of ave 78% 87%

Overall the Easter week produces 22% fewer calls than an average week.

The Royal Wedding call profile is just as interesting as the call volume in the run up to the event is higher than average and on the actual day of the wedding reduces dramatically compared to a Good Friday. Saturday is higher than normal with Sunday being close to average and the Monday behaving like an Easter Monday.

Interestingly we also see the same Tuesday spike as with Easter but in this case it is even more severe.

The overall call volume was down by 13% compared to an average week.

Mediahawk Predictions

So what can one infer from this data about the effect of the Jubilee compared to other four day holidays?

The difference between the Jubilee, Easter and the Royal Wedding is that the holiday is on Monday and Tuesday compared to straddling a weekend. However, the Jubilee is similar to Easter as it is also during a holiday period (half term) so more people will be taking the week off as holiday, similar to an Easter Break.

As a result we believe the effect of the Jubilee will be as follows:

  • The Saturday of the Jubilee (Jun 2nd) will be busier than a usual Saturday
  • Sunday (3rd), Monday (4th) and Tuesday (5th) will have significantly lower than usual enquiry rates and will be similar to the Easter results. We fully expect that the Sunday will be particularly quiet due to the rowing pageant that people will either go and see or watch on TV
  • The Wednesday (6th) following the Jubilee will see a significant spike in calls
  • We expect a further spike in calls on the Monday (11th) after the Jubilee as people return from holiday.

Overall, we predict that enquiry levels will be down by between 15-20% compared to a usual week.

Missed Call Prediction

The other key implication of the Jubilee will be the effect on staffing and whether you will have sufficient staff to take the reduced calls and increased number of calls after the holiday.

The missed call rates can be compared as follows:

% missed calls Easter Royal Wedding Average
Wed 3.4% 5.1% 5.0%
Thur 3.5% 4.8% 5.2%
Fri 17.5% 21.7% 5.5%
Sat 4.2% 6.7% 7.2%
Sun 29.4% 15.9% 13.5%
Mon 12.8% 21.6% 6.2%
Tues 4.4% 6.6% 5.3%
Total 9.2% 7.4% 5.8%

From the results it can be seen that when there are long holidays, the retail business was short staffed. So although the call volume falls during Easter, the actual ability to answer and deal with inbound enquires was significantly worse.

We would therefore recommend that if your business relies on the telephone generating enquiries you should:

  • Make sure you have sufficient staff to cover the call volumes (albeit reduced compared to normal)
  • Review your telephony and look to create diverts within your business so that with reduced staff you can still provide a service for the enquiries
  • Be prepared for a spike in calls following the prolonged holiday period


By analysing call tracking data, it’s possible to forecast the effect of the Jubilee on businesses. The challenge will be making sure you have the staff to deal with the reduced call volumes and business.

Once the Jubilee is over, the next events that may disturb business will be the European Championship and the Olympics. Look out for our update on the effect on call volumes when England play football!

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