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The Cost of Easter

The cost of easter

This four day Easter weekend marks the first of a number of bank holidays in the UK.

A recent study we undertook has proven how many calls are received and how many are missed over the bank holiday periods. The study of over 3 million calls also shows how there is a large surge of calls on the first day back in the office after the extended weekend.

By analysing data over a normal two week period in 2015 and comparing this to calls over the two weeks of the Easter period, you can clearly see how the call volumes drop during the Easter break but suddenly surges on the Tuesday after Easter.

Easter call volume graph.

The missed call percentages are as follows:

Easter missed calls chart.

From the data, we can make some key recommendations to help with your business make sure that you get the best out of the Easter break:

  • Make sure that you have put in place suitable strategies for dealing with your inbound enquiries when you are likely to be short of staff. These could include diverting lines to a central point, using voice mailboxes, etc.
  • Ensure you cover your normal hours for inbound calls, as the data suggests that customers are typically not aware of changes in opening hours over this period.
  • Make sure all your staff know that the Tuesday following Easter will have an above normal volume of calls. Therefore, the business should be focusing on delivering customer service rather than internal reporting which is normally the case on the first days back from Easter.
  • Try and roster more staff to be available over Easter, especially on Good Friday.

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