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Optimise & Improve Social Media Marketing with Call Tracking


The concept of call tracking is simple. This is what makes it so versatile to use across multiple campaigns.

From comparing calls to clicks to measuring your online and offline marketing, call tracking can supply you with the fine level of detail to measure your marketing’s overall effectiveness. But why does social media seem to get left out of the mix?

A call tracking solution can be applied to any business of any size. But take SMEs (Small Medium Enterprises) for example, they rely upon printed advertising, local listings, billboards, and locally targeted paid ads too. For these businesses, engaging in social media is the other essential practice for reaching local customers and building an online community.

As social media is classed as a form of marketing and advertising it too should be monitored in terms of ROI. Here are some ways you can use call tracking to see how social media is contributing to your business’ bottom line.

Prove the ROI of each network

You can distinguish the calls that you receive from someone viewing your profile on Facebook, Twitter, or Google+, simply by assigning a unique number to each one. Here’s our number displayed in Facebook:

Tracking Facebook Contacts

And the number we display on our Google+ information:

Track Google Plus

You might currently review the success of your social media by looking at the size of your audience or number of likes, shares and comments, but if conversions are what you are most interested in, your call tracking software will show you how many calls you get from each of your social media audiences. If your largest following is on Facebook, but it’s the network responsible for generating the fewest calls, it would be wise to look into why that is.

Get your audience to engage with you

Social media is obviously about being social, approachable and available, so posting too many sales based updates usually comes across as cold, which stops people taking the online relationship further.

It is ok to use a call to action (CTA), but as long as it is friendly, like offering a phone number. A CTA like ‘feel free to give us a call on…’, and providing the trackable phone number that applies to that social network is a perfect way to invite people to get on the phone. Make sure you’re keeping track of the calls you get as a result, so you can find out what kind of updates and what tone your audience responds to best, and improve your social media’s conversion rate.

Call tracking aids social media sentiment analysis

With the option to record your calls, you can get a much more accurate picture of what your community online thinks of you.

Conducting sentiment analysis informs what your social media following are posting about you. This is how people will perceive your brand online when they look at your profiles. However, this is not necessarily reflective of your customers’ opinions. If your customers choose to call you when they have a problem or want to buy from you, rather than posting it on social media, you’ll be able to judge the sentiment and track the source of the call. If, for instance, your Google+ community is picking up the phone to complain, it is likely that your Google+ page isn’t providing the information they need, or the right service.

Attribute leads to organic search

For the next technique, you’ll need either a number for all social media channels, or one just for Google Places.

This number can be displayed in the SERPs alongside your address, map data and open hours. Here’s what our result looks like in the SERPs:

Track Google Places

By presenting this information in the clear and more approachable way Google provides you with, this often steals clicks away from the top position. You can then see if the enquiry comes from organic search results or your social media.

Accurately attribute leads and sales

When a member of a social network clicks through to your website before calling, you can still count it as a success for social. A great technique to use is source level tracking. This allows you to track which social network is referring the visitor, and display the corresponding number to them on your website during the visit. This means if a customer originally came from Twitter, but called after visiting your site, your call tracking software will attribute the lead to Twitter.

And there, you start to build a full picture of what makes your phone ring and why. Don’t leave social media out of your call tracking techniques, whether you’re looking to adjust your marketing spend, find the right tone for you and your audience, or improve your overall customer service.

Find out more about our call tracking software and start generating more ROI from your marketing and advertising channels.

If you were to do this same analysis on your call and search data what nuggets of info would this throw up?

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