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More benefits of call tracking

Call tracking is the best way to accurately measure the ROI from advertising by identifying how many calls came from specific campaigns.  Here are some more benefits – a continuation of

6.       Identify cost per lead

Take control of your advertising spend by monitoring how much every telephone enquiry has cost. Using a cost per lead feature, you can see this information along with an overall picture of your campaign.  It helps to know exactly how much it has cost to make the telephone ring and if you haven’t broken even, you know its time to try something different.

7.       Advertise locally

Advertise locally and track the results.  Local customers respond better to a local number and if you’re not convinced, test it out against a non-geographic number and see the results for yourself.  It does depend on your business; however, if you wish to try marketing into a specific location, this is the way to do it.

8.       Identify peak selling periods

Monitor your calls by date and time and you will get useful information on when your telephones are at their busiest.   This information will help you twofold; firstly, you will be able to staff appropriately or alternatively route calls through to mailboxes or queue them up.  Secondly, you will know when to market when the phones go a bit quieter.

9.       Be prepared for every call

Use a call whisper to pre-announce the source of your calls.  This will help the receptionist direct your call much faster and avoid passing callers round the building.  Also, this is useful when you have more than one business you are advertising, you will always know how to answer the telephone if the voice before the ringing starts tells you what to say.

10.     Integrate your analytics

You can integrate call tracking with Google Analytics™ for added visibility.  You can see visitors and callers in one place and label your phone calls to enable clearer reporting.  If you are interested in a quick view that gives you compare and contrast stats, this is for you.

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