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Monitor, Analyse and Improve your Marketing Process

As a marketer your main priority is to help promote your business but your sole purpose is to increase lead generation into the company.

Why not take a step back to identify key areas in your marketing campaigns that could be improved by asking yourself these simple questions:

How could you Increase the lead flow into your business?

How could you improve the effectiveness of marketing activity without an increase in cost?

Have you ever thought of call tracking to track the response channels within your advertising campaigns?

Mediahawk give marketers a unique telephone number for each advertising channel (or referring web addresses) in their advertising or marketing campaign to monitor the telephone response that the adverts or referring sites generate. Telephone tracking happens almost instantaneously so that marketers can see how many calls each channel has generated, where the calls have come from, how many calls have been missed allowing the marketer to capture and measure telephone leads in a report similar to Google Analytics.

Call tracking enables marketers to monitor where campaigns are working and helps to target the right market with the right advertising which saves money on further campaigns in the future. Advertisers who use telephone call tracking can also listen to their calls so that they can get an instant ROI on their advertising spend.

For more information about call tracking and call recording and how Mediahawk can help you answer these questions in more detail please call 0845 122 2213.

Already have call tracking?

If you are already using call tracking, is the reporting at a sufficient standard to help decide which advertising is working? If you would like a demonstration of the Mediahawk platform please do get in touch 0845 122 2213.

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