Mobile Marketing in 2013: Adapt, Engage & Track

The evidence is all pointing to it: 2013 is, without a doubt, going to be the year of the mobile. Most specifically, the smart phone is what will be taking the reigns.

In 2012, mobile traffic increased a staggering 183.43% since 2010. With the increase of mobile devices being released and purchased in the second half of 2012, namely smart phones and tablets, this number is going to increase exponentially during 2013.

It’s been reported that 6% of all mobile users have used their smart phones to access online retail sites, 79% of users use their phones to assist with shopping, with 74% of those making a purchase as a result, and Microsoft believes that by 2014 mobile internet usage will overtake desktop internet usage.

Looking at these three statistics alone should be enough to stir up the will to start adding mobile marketing into your overall strategy. There are two important things you should focus on as first port of call when you begin:

  1. Making your website mobile friendly
  2. Finding a way to increase engagement with your mobile visitors

Create a mobile-friendly website

Having a mobile friendly website should definitely be the first action you take in order to adapt to the mobile landscape. If your visitors are using a mobile device to search for your service and they land on a broken website where everything is out of place, will they sit around trying to figure their way around or will they bounce off? The money is on the latter.

The quickest way of doing this is to get your web designer or developer to make your layout responsive, where the website adapts to the size of the browser window it is being displayed in. Alternatively, you can invest in getting a mobile-only version of your site created.

In our free eBook titled Changes in Consumer Response: How to make your phone ring in the New Economy, we talk about the ‘Need to Call Matrix’, which explains the necessity of including a phone number in all of your web pages depending on the complexity and cost of your product or service, in order to establish trust and authority.

If you do display a phone number on your website, it’s important that your smart phone users can dial you quickly and easily. Is the phone number on your website “click-to-call” friendly? In other words, if they were to tap on the phone number on your page, would their smart phone be able to automatically prompt them to dial it right there?

This is important as people search, browse and act very rapidly online, especially on their mobile devices. If they are forced to “highlight” your number, copy it, open up their “phone app” and paste it in order to connect with you, chances are they’ll just hit the “back” button instead. Make sure this is tested and working before you go live.

Inspire and increase mobile engagement

The next step, and the main aim for many marketers when it comes to mobile marketing, is to increase engagement with users and gain conversions.

The hottest methods of doing this to date, which are predicted to be used in higher frequency during 2013 are:

  • The use of SMS marketing (96% of text messages are always opened – whether from a friend or a business, they are never ignored)
  • QR codes
  • Mobile advertising networks.

If you’re using email marketing, then making your emails mobile friendly is another great way of increasing engagement. You can do this by putting your offer and call to action higher up in your emails, shortening the subject line and, if your emails are plain text, set a fixed width so it will display neatly on smaller devices such as the iPhone.

The important thing in all this, especially if you’re encouraging visitors to make a phone call straight from your website on their mobile device, is to ensure you’re tracking where these calls are coming from.

Being able to track the source of the phone call, which pages they visited and other important statistics is incredibly easy these days, especially with call tracking technology such as Mediahawk Vision at your disposal.

Armed with the information above, you should have a very successful year on the mobile marketing front. Just remember: adapt, engage and track.

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