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Men like to make a ‘wee’ phone call

Men can multitask after all, as new research finds they can store numbers in their mobile phone with one hand whilst peeing with the other one.

The fact that men can store numbers in their mobile phone with one hand is the surprising finding of a project by media monitoring company, Mediahawk, that analysed the response to a three-part advertising campaign. Mediahawk was appointed to monitor the response to a company that was trialling the use of three different media to get sign-ups to a subscription service.

The company used pub drip mats, lavatory posters and a TV advertising campaign, each of which had a unique number for people to call.

When the results came in from 400 pubs in London, they showed that the pub lavatory posters generated twice the response of TV advertising, and the drip mats generated virtually no response at all (as an audit subsequently found that almost none of the drip mats had been put out).

Although the posters were in pub lavatories, half of all the calls made to the unique ‘poster’ number were from landlines.

The only explanation is that men had stored the number in their mobiles and called it when they got home.

The calls came from up to 25 miles outside the area covered by the pubs.

Mediahawk Director Harry Bott said: ‘The results surprised everyone concerned: initially we were pleased that we had an explanation for the poor response to the drip mats and were able to save money for our customer, but then we realised the implications of the poster response and the only logical conclusion was that men actually can multitask; they can store phone numbers and wee at the same time’.

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