Managing a telemarketing campaign using call recording – Five steps to success

Telemarketing is still one of the most popular ways to communicate with your target market. Unlike any other form of marketing, this medium interacts directly with those most likely to purchase your products or services. How do you ensure that your telemarketing campaign supports your brand as well as providing you with the return on investment you need it to?

In this article we explore how best to manage such a campaign by avoiding the pitfalls.

1. Telephone interview your next sales recruit

This sounds quite basic but if your sales team are required to make telemarketing calls, you should listen to how they sell themselves over the telephone and not just in a face to face situation. You will gain excellent insight into how an individual would handle an outbound sales call. The call can be recorded and shared with a colleague after it has taken place. It is always good practice to let the person you are speaking to know they are being recorded.

2. Create clear objectives for the campaign

Identify what you want to achieve by calling prospective clients. Are you interested in making appointments, developing brand awareness or making direct sales over the telephone? Once you have decided on your key objectives you can structure the campaign and set realistic goals and targets.

3. Listen to outgoing telephone calls for quality assurance

Using call recording, you can listen to every single outgoing telephone call that has been made by your sales team. Identify areas that may be resulting in less than satisfactory results or use the content during training sessions. Either way listening to the content of the calls can help restructure a campaign and improve the results.

4. Monitor the number of calls being made

Identify a target number of calls that need to be made to achieve the results you need for each campaign. Once this has been decided, you can use call recording to monitor this and provide statistics on each member of the sales team at any point throughout the day. If the target number of calls are not being met, this can be identified and any issues resolved quickly and easily.

5. Be prepared to change strategy

If the telemarketing campaign is not gaining momentum, the morale of the team can suffer and have a detrimental effect on the campaign. Be  prepared to make changes to the strategy; change targets, introduce a new offer or try calling at different times of the day. Using call recording can help to identify any weaknesses in a campaign and allow relevant changes to be made midway through.

For more information on call recording for inbound or outbound telephone calls, contact us here.

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