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Integrate Call Tracking with your CRM System

Call tracking from Mediahawk can now integrate with your CRM system using an FTP data feed.  Existing users of the Mediahawk system will notice a new tab in the reporting suite that enables them to export their call tracking data into their CRM system labelled “Integrate”.  The team at Mediahawk has been working on this feature and can now offer an extremely beneficial way to tie up your marketing analysis.

Within this new section you will also find the track sales feature.  This feature will enable you to track sales made from initial enquiries from specific marketing activity.  For example, if you ran an email campaign with a unique telephone number as a call to action, you could track every call.  Using the sales tracking feature, you can import your data into the Mediahawk system and run it against the call tracking results to see where sales have been made. From that analysis, you would be able to provide an accurate picture of the ROI from that particular campaign.  These insights are vital when planning new campaigns as it gives you the evidence you need to build a strong case for spending money on certain elements of marketing.  If you can prove that a particular marketing activity generated enough sales to cover the costs of a campaign, there is a strong argument for repeating this activity.

Using call tracking technology to allocate telephone numbers to outgoing marketing activity and track the results is a sure fire way to avoid making repeated and costly marketing errors.  By adding a unique telephone number to your advertising, be it email, pay per click, banners, direct mail or printed adverts; you can clearly see the response rates from each medium and ensure that you only repeat advertising that has delivered a return on investment for your business.

By joining up your results you will enhance this visibility and enable the sales and marketing process to be viewed as a whole. For more information on this new feature

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