Improve Sales Conversion Rates with Call Recording

Room for improvement? Maximise sales opportunities and build client relationships with better call handling.

Telephone enquiries are very important to your company. Speaking to a customer who has seen you advertise in the press, online or through a direct mail campaign gives you the opportunity to build a relationship and ensure they buy from you time after time.

A telephone enquiry is much more beneficial to you than email as the customer is kept at a distance and there is little chance to build rapport.

If, as an organisation you can identify key objectives to achieve with each call that comes in you will be able to maximise sales opportunities and develop your customer database in the long term.

Being able to listen to calls coming in as a training exercise will give you the benefit of knowing which areas need attention and offer you and your staff a clear goal to aim for with each call.

“Identifying areas for improvement begin with being able to listen to where telephone calls are going wrong. Missed opportunities, lack of enthusiasm for the enquiry and offering too much information to the caller on first contact are all areas that can be improved upon. In today’s price lead online market place the consumer needs to be given a service that transcends the reliance on price and enables the company to compete on other aspects that can be communicated through a face to face or telephone meeting. Recording calls coming in to the organisation in response to advertising and other forms of marketing can offer a unique opportunity to vastly improve the customer experience, therefore encouraging loyalty and retention.”

Harry Bott, Director – Key Accounts, Mediahawk Ltd

The way to compete in today’s market is to work the telephone and face to face meeting back into circulation and to encourage the now internet savvy consumer to communicate by telephone. The internet allows the consumer to enquire and obtain quotes all at a distance, email for a quotation or more information and then make a decision based on text on a page or pictures in glossy brochure. If a client responds via telephone, the opportunity to upsell, build up trust and offer a valuable service begins but if the member of staff taking the call is not trained to deal with clients in a certain way the call will be short and probably not result in any further activity.

To maximise this aspect of the telephone enquiry, the response to any advert or form of marketing needs to be perfectly handled. The opportunity begins when the telephone rings and if the caller receives a limited or uninformed response they will probably look elsewhere. Standard training methods tend to be for general sales, closing methods and identifying opportunities. How to engage with the telephone enquiry without losing the prospect or damaging the relationship before it has begun is often the weak the point in any transaction and needs to be developed to enable the relationship to begin on solid ground.

Case Study

A large independent automotive dealer was disappointed that the high level of enquires coming in by telephone and email in response to a recent advertising campaign were not being closed at the rate that was expected.

Due to the success of the campaign the sales team were not ready to deal with such a surge in interest and service levels were lower than normal. As a result this lead to the close rate not mirroring the success of the campaign. After identifying that there was a problem the sales manager decided to adopt a training strategy.

Using network level software to record the telephone responses, the sales manager played back each telephone response and was able to identify areas where the sales team could improve and therefore increase the close rate.

The sales manager adopted a five point strategy for each member of the team to use when dealing with a telephone enquiry therefore enabling the team to maximise upsell opportunities, get across the key messages and build that all important client relationship.

Without being able to listen to the mistakes being made the sales manager would not have identified the problem and the success of the campaign would have been wasted.

Listen and Learn

The ability to listen to the content of calls coming into your organisation will enable you to identify areas for improvement. As soon as the call comes in the consumer is on your territory and the opportunity to upsell to the client and ensure the right deal is put in front of them becomes available. The first step with this process is to record calls coming in, in response to advertising by using a unique telephone number specific to a particular form of advertising. On that call the conversation is recorded using a suite of software and can be played back after fifteen minutes of the call coming in. The software is at network level and therefore does not require high set up fees or major upheaval. Once the software has been configured the calls can be recorded and training can begin.

Identify the areas of weakness for the consumer and aim to strengthen the call to enable the team member to become a figure of trust, an authority on the purchase of this particular product or service. The call needs to follow a format that will enable the caller to get a clear message of what your organisation is offering and how this can be of benefit to them depending on the nature of the product. If your outsource your call handling to a call centre or similar agency, the need to understand your brand values and get the most out of each call will be even more important as the outsourced agency may not have understood the company ethos or be able to speak with authority on your products and services. Listening in to calls of this nature will enable you to offer the agency a clear objective that they maybe misunderstood or were identifying before.

In Summary

Monitoring the response to your advertising is essential to assess return on investment. In addition to this calls can be recorded to enable effective training to take place for an improved level of customer service and long term customer retention. Telephone enquiries are the lifeblood of your organisation and as such need to be maximised to identify additional opportunities for upsell and build that all important customer relationship. By listening to how calls are handled in your organisation you will be able to offer the highest level of service to your customers.

The only way to win the price war in today’s online dependent market is to give a valuable service that the customer will remember and pass on to their friends and colleagues.

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