How to Measure & Optimise Your Car Dealership’s Telemarketing Performance

The New Economy has been gripping a hold of businesses for a long time now, and the automotive industry is no different. Consumers are more discerning, more analytical and harder to sell to. They have the ability to be more selective with who they do business with, and thus businesses have had to be smarter with their marketing.

Car dealerships rely heavily on the telephone to generate inbound inquiries – for both generating leads and sales. So how do we A) measure the performance of your telemarketing efforts and B) optimise to increase conversions? Let’s start with the latter:

Optimising Your Telemarketing

Most car dealerships have a specific set of arrows in their marketing quiver. In this section I want to cover a few of them, and share with you some tips to make them more effective.


Pay Per Click can be a very effective method of bringing in new sales leads over the phone, but are your efforts doing as well as they could be?

I’ll get into this in more depth shortly, but you should be testing your best performing ads against each other as frequently as possible. This way you can keep improving click through rates (CTR) and quality score over time. This means you get more traffic to your website while your cost per click (CPC) declines.

Do you have separate landing pages for different Ad Groups? It’s worth doing this as you’re more likely to convert visitors looking for a Ford Mondeo if they land on a page that’s specifically about Mondeo’s, rather than your standard home page.

This also increases quality score, which in turn raises the position your ad appears on search engine results pages and further decreases your CPC.

Social Media

This is becoming a more and more profitable avenue for gaining leads, and when it comes to the B2C space Facebook is taking the reigns.

If you haven’t done so yet, testing Facebook Ads is something well worth doing, as you can target specific demographics and psychographic profiles to make your advertising laser focused. Furthermore, the use of images is a great way to grab attention.

It’s also worth creating and optimising a Facebook page, as the upcoming Graph Search feature is going to allow consumers to find your business much easier.

Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is going to be taking the reigns of the marketing space over the next 12 months, and you’re probably going to want to jump on quickly.

The first port of call would be to make a mobile friendly website, which your web developer should easily be able to do. This allows your visitors to view your website’s content on their mobile device without it looking messed up and difficult to navigate.

You’ve probably collected a number of mobile telephone numbers from prospects and customers alike over the period you’ve been in business for. SMS marketing is working very effectively at present as everyone reads their texts messages, whether it be from someone they know or a business. It’s well worth testing this medium out.

Testing & Tracking Your Efforts

This is probably the most important part of the marketing process. You can throw all of these different marketing strategies and tactics to the wall, but how will you know what sticks until you measure it? What’s really bringing in the phone calls that bring the good leads?

Always be sure to test the most costly or time consuming efforts on a small scale first. For instance, if you want to experiment with a new direct mail campaign, send it to a segment of, say, 500 to 1000 of your prospects or customers before going out full scale.

You should also split test different ads against each other, making sure to change only one element each time. If you have an idea for a new headline, change the headline and leave the copy, offer and call to action as is. You can test one of those out in the next test.

Finally always be tracking. There’s no use testing out these optimised efforts if you can’t find out what’s working! There are many dealerships who waste a large amount of money on an annual basis due to a lack of tracking.

These days it’s super easy to track your advertising efforts. Use a call tracking service, like our Mediahawk platform, to measure the effectiveness of your online and offline efforts that requires your prospect to pick up the phone and call you, or buy a separate domain name to drive offline traffic to your website.

If you can optimise, test and track all of your efforts you will easily see your marketing effectiveness soar while your outgoing costs plummet.

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