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How Lighthouse Saved 60% of Their Print Media Spend Using Call Tracking

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Is any industry changing as much as healthcare? The sector is in the midst of a turbulent transformation. Demand for medical procedures and consulting is increasing. For marketers this change represents a significant opportunity.

Yet, at the same time, the marketing landscape has shifted too. The number of marketing channels is increasing rapidly: think social media, expert bloggers, video, online reviews, mobile apps, and even old-school email.

The challenge is clear. How can private clinics and healthcare providers use these new channels to grow their business, while ensuring their marketing is both consistent and well-coordinated?

Call tracking in the Healthcare sector

Historically, the telephone has been the most important response source for this sector. After all, when a patient has an urgent need they are more likely to call than send a letter or an email.

Our case study highlights how Lighthouse, a private healthcare provider, used call tracking to measure response rates from their multi-channel campaigns, outlining how they have used the data to transform their marketing strategy and realign their spending.

Read the Lighthouse Healthcare case study

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