Everything you need to know about call tracking

Call tracking does the following:

1. Fills the gap in your analytics

Call tracking givse you the full picture when it comes to assessing how successful your online campaigns have been. Rather than judging the success of a campaign on the online conversions, look at the offline activity as well and close the loop on your analytics reporting.

2. Integrates with Google Analytics

View your offline and online conversions in the same analytics package. Website call tracking works in tandem with Google Analytics enabling you to view your web activity – and also calls as a result of your online campaigns – in one place. Set up calls as goals, and link them back to the referring URL and keyword search to identify the original source of the call.

3. Displays a unique telephone number according to the keyword or URL source

Assign a call tracking telephone number to each keyword you bid on, and this number will display on your website every time a visitor clicks through to your site after searching using that keyword.

  1. Keyword search: “hotels bristol”
  2. Google result: Your PPC advert for a hotel in bristol
  3. Visitor clicks through to your website
  4. Website call tracking number is displayed on your site

By looking at the reporting you can see that the keyword “hotels bristol” resulted in a telephone call

4. Provides you with in-depth reporting to ensure you are spending money on the right marketing activity

Call tracking gives you a clear view of how many calls you received for a particular campaign, where those calls came from and how long they lasted. You can drill down to get concise information on which keywords are resulting in telephone calls and what URLs are sending traffic to your site that result in offline enquiries.

5. Provides you with an easy to use inexpensive way to save money on marketing

Call tracking will help you to see which advertising is working and give you the information you need to cut out what doesn’t. You can really focus your marketing activity on what brings in quality leads and sales.

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