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Digital Agency? How do you currently measure offline responses?

When planning a digital campaign for a client, how will you report back on response rates? Which tools will you use to measure the click throughs, calls and emails? If you haven’t thought this far ahead then I suggest you start thinking about it now as there is a glaring issue when it comes to reporting on the response rates of digital campaigns. The humble telephone call is being ignored as a response mechanism. The online nature of a digital campaign is such that even the traditionality of the response route has been replaced by web forms and emails.As an agency you will endeavour to provide your client with a good hit rate at the end of the campaign. Depending upon the nature of the business you service, is a report using analytics and email marketing statistics enough to provide a clear picture of how the campaign performed? If you allow the client to decide which telephone calls they think came as a direct result of your digital campaign you may be disappointed. Unless you take on board the role of response measurement in all it’s guises you may be giving your client only half the picture of how successful your campaign was.

By using call tracking to analyse the offline results to your campaign, you will be plugging in this gap and taking control of the responses. Allocating a simple 08, 03 or local presence telephone to the next email, banner ad, website or pay per click, campaign you can get a clear picture of how many people picked up the telephone in response to your campaign. In an average campaign of this nature you are looking at a telephone response of about 63% depending on the sector. That is a large chunk to lose in terms of results for your client. If your digital marketing analysis is missing 63% of the results, you may find it hard to convince your client of the real success the campaign was. Providing your client with only 37% results will not get you a second campaign.

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