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Debunking The Myths of Call Tracking


We receive calls from many different types of businesses day-to-day, and each of them fall into one of two groups; either they know they need call tracking but not sure what it does, or they have some ideas about what it is and want to know more. The latter usually raise various questions or concerns, and in this article we’re going to debunk them in a no-holds barred assault on false facts. There’s nothing like a good myth-slaying to address some FAQ’s!

Is call tracking hard to implement?

Not at all! Mediahawk’s call tracking service is super quick and easy to set up. If you’re using Mediahawk Vision, which is where you add number sets to your website so each visitor has a unique number for you to track, it’s a simple matter of adding a small snippet of code to your website pages. That’s all there is to it!

Analytics technology has evolved extremely quickly over the years, and by using the right call tracking service you shouldn’t have any trouble getting set up and ready to rock.

Isn’t call tracking expensive?

Again, if you use the right service then this is a non-issue. There are some services out there that will charge you extra for some features that actually come as part of one overall package if you look in the right place. Why pay a monthly fee plus extras when you can get all those so-called “extras” under one service?

Same goes for call charges – some services, you will find, actually add a little extra on to stretch their margins a little bit. We like to be a bit more transparent and give you the cheapest option available, without adding that extra bit on.

Won’t separate numbers confuse people?

Some businesses worry that a prospect will visit their website, write down the number and then, by the time they decide to call, find that the number no longer works. Fortunately there is a an incredibly slim chance of this happening. With a tier 1 service such as Mediahawk, your numbers will last for 12 months, which should be plenty of time for you to nurture your prospect and get them to call you.

Another concern is that customers will notice that the number on their web pages change and complain about it. Again, this has never happened. Your prospects care about what you have to offer them and how it benefits them. Very little time is spent pondering the minutiae, inner workings of your website.

The same goes when using static numbers on traditional and other online advertising channels – people will call the number they see in front of them if they feel compelled to do so.

Won’t I have to change my phone number?

Absolutely not! The numbers you already have will be kept and remain in working order. You’ll be given new numbers to use for your marketing strategies and advertising material so you can easily identify which of those efforts are working and which aren’t. They will all route directly to your main office line – no extra hardware necessary!

It’s incredibly easy and inexpensive to set up call tracking, and the benefits are plenty. With the amount of data that we supply you with, you’ll know for sure which of your efforts are truly working and which you need to cut. This will increase effectiveness and decrease costs exponentially.

Have you got any other questions or concerns relating to call tracking? Ask away in the comments below and I’ll answer to them personally!