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Coventry Motor Group talk about Call Recording


Coventry Motor Group needed to gain a clearer understanding of what marketing was and wasn't working. They currently use the internet and their website to promote the business.

It has been important for them to gain an awareness of what calls have come in as a result of these marketing efforts as the market is constantly changing. It means that alterations can be made instantly to a campaign that hasn't been working, therefore saving money and keeping the enquiry levels consistent.

Bob Cadby, Group Operations Manager at Coventy Motor Group had this to say about the benefits of measuring marketing effectiveness:

"Measuring what marketing has brought in the most enquiries has proved vital to us as a business. It has meant that we can now focus on marketing campaigns that work and react instantly to changes in enquiry levels. Before we had response monitoring we didn’t know what had brought in the best results so wasted time and money on marketing that wasn’t working."

The next step – Call Recording

Coventry Motor Group was now experiencing an increase in enquiries as a result of analysing their marketing spend. The next step was to improve close rates and customer service by using Call Recording from Mediahawk. By recording the calls that came in as a result of someone seeing an advert or visiting the website, the team could record the enquiry and play it back to see how the call had been handled.

"Its amazing to be able listen to sales enquiries through your PC. It is vital too, as ours is a people business and the rapport built up through a telephone conversation is right at the heart of making a sale. We use the system to provide training to our staff and show both good and bad examples of enquiry handling. It has improved our close rates and I can honestly say it is now an integral part of our business."

Bob Cadby, Group Operations Director, Coventry Motor Group

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