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Celebrating 10 years of Innovation!


Mediahawk will be celebrating their 10 year anniversary in May! 

It's been 10 years since Mediahawk became the first UK Company to introduce campaign based call tracking for marketers.

Over the years Mediahawk have been working closely with organisations such as Aston Martin, Audi, Mercedes, Tropical Sky, and Barchester Healthcare to name just a few.

Mediahawk help to identify the missing link when tracking on and offline telephone enquiries. Marketers are given a unique telephone number for each advertising channel (or referring web addresses) in their advertising campaign to monitor the telephone response that the adverts or referring sites generate.

Call tracking happens almost instantaneously so that marketers can see how many calls the adverts generate, where the calls have come from and how many calls have been missed. Thus, allowing the marketer to capture and measure telephone leads in a cloud based reporting system similar to Google Analytics.

"We have had an exciting journey at Mediahawk over the last ten years. We no longer have to evangelise about the benefits of call tracking which is now an accepted tool within any Marketeers arsenal to measure their advertising success. With our constant product innovation we are proud to have helped companies such as Inchcape PLC, Aston Martin, Bath Travel and the Caravan Club make their marketing more effective.
"Allied to our product innovation as a company we have focused on providing excellent customer service and we are proud of the fact that our first customer continues to use the Mediahawk system to this day.
"We have lots of exciting events planned for our tenth anniversary and look forward to another 10 years of innovation.”

Harry Bott, Sales and Marketing Director, Mediahawk

For more information about call tracking please click here.

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