Case Study: Agency Achieves 98% Client Retention Rate Thanks To Call Tracking Software

Bamboo Nine are a full-service, strategic digital agency specialising in Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising, SEO, social media, email marketing and web development. 

As an AdWords Certified Company and Google Partner, they use market-leading technology to tailor-make strategies that ensure their clients achieve higher conversion rates, lower cost per lead and increased sales.

Their results speak for themselves

Bamboo Nine has been using call tracking software to understand the most relevant and profitable keywords that produce inbound calls to optimise their clients’ PPC campaigns, allowing them to prove that they’re spending budget in the right places.

Insight from Mediahawk bridged the response gap between online and offline, enabling them to optimise their online efforts based upon offline conversion data. Most call tracking software only shows which PPC keywords get clicks. A bespoke integration with Bamboo Nine’s bid management system allows them to quickly focus campaigns and PPC spend on the keywords that drive offline leads and sales.

“Our clients can physically see that calls are being generated from their AdWords campaigns so they know that their investment is paying off.”

Chris Rivera, Director, Bamboo Nine


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Marketing Agency Guide to Improving Client Profitability

Call tracking arms marketing agencies with tangible data to prove to clients that your campaigns deliver great results.

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Marketing Agency Case Study

Discover how Bamboo Nine uses call tracking to understand which keywords are driving calls and how they use this insight to optimise PPC campaigns.

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