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Calls to Your Business Will be Down by 75% this Bank Holiday


2012: what a year for exciting events, the Jubilee, the Euros, the Olympics and the soon to start Paralympics. The problem with these events, is whilst we have all enjoyed them, they have not helped the wheels of commerce. As mentioned in a previous article 'What Cost the Jubilee,' holidays equate to a significant reduction in trade and customer service. With the bank holiday this weekend, we thought it would be useful to provide some quick statistics to make sure you are staffed properly to ensure you do not miss any calls.

We have analysed over 3 million calls into a number of different retailers, over a three year time frame, to see what the average call volume will be compared to that of the August bank holiday.

You can expect your call volumes on Monday to be down by 75% compared to a normal Monday. But when you return on Tuesday expect them to be 25% higher than a normal Tuesday.

Missed calls

As with our previous analysis, the challenge will be to ensure that you are properly staffed to answer the calls coming in on bank holiday Monday – even if they are significantly reduced. Below is a graph showing how retailers are missing out on providing good customer service because they have insufficient staff coverage during the bank holiday Monday.

It can be seen that on average a retailer will miss around 5% of their calls during a normal Monday. On a Bank holiday Monday, this figure rockets to around 25%. Smart businesses will be those on top of their telephony, to ensure they do not miss any calls.

Overall, following the distraction of the different fun events, we are optimistic that consumers will start to come out to play in September, and believe there will still be plenty of opportunity. The key challenge is to ensure you are properly resourced and trained to take advantage of the opportunities when they arrive. Consumers are becoming more fickle about the service they receive and will happily move on if you do not answer the phone.

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