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Call Tracking Will Improve Your Business


Last week we analysed the effect of the bank holiday on call volumes in the run up to and after the bank holiday. This was done using three years of data and over three million calls.

Here's an update of what we forecast and the actual performance:

The average line shows the expected call volume on a typical week, the forecast shows what we would expect based on historical figures and the actual is what actually happened this year. As it can be seen, the forecast and the actual figures almost match each other exactly.

Many companies use call tracking to improve their marketing effectiveness and do not necessarily use their historical data to improve their operational effectiveness. In these challenging times, using historical call data to forecast customer behaviour is critical to ensure there is no problem with customers getting to your business.

All Mediahawk numbers come with granular reporting data to show the operational effectiveness so that you can make sure that you answer the call before your competitor.

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