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Case Study – Online Tour Operator Monitor Offline Response to Online Marketing


We've been working with online longhaul tour operator Tropical Sky to help them monitor how many telephone calls have been generated from advertising and other marketing activity. The data they have received after using the system has provided them with extremely valuable insights into which advertising has generated the most inbound telephone enquiries.

Prior to using call tracking, Tropical Sky were only measuring their online responses and not tracking the large number of callers that visit the website and subsequently make a telephone call. By capturing the number of calls and identifying which adverts generated those calls, they can pinpoint the adverts that result in direct sales leads for their business.

Using call tracking reporting, Mediahawk deduced that approximately 5% of all website visitors over the course of a month made a telephone enquiry to Tropical Sky. With thousands of calls coming in every week, the company needed to accurately measure the sources of these calls and identify which online channels were driving the most phone calls.

Donna Owen of Tropical Sky had this to say:

"We are now able to track every call that comes in as a result of our different marketing activity. This is extremely valuable to us as a business as we can plan more accurately and avoid wasting money on advertising that isn’t working."

Tropical Sky monitors the response to advertising using nearly one hundred different telephone numbers spread across various advertising and marketing initiatives.  Interestingly, most of the telephone calls have been generated from search engines; a combination of organic searches and pay per click advertising. Since using Mediahawk, Tropical Sky has received thousands of telephone calls, all of which have been monitored and tracked back to individual advertising through the use of unique telephone numbers.

Mediahawk works with a wide range of travel companies providing call tracking and call recording services.  As the travel sector use various marketing initiatives to engage their clients, it is vital to measure the response that each form of marketing has generated in order to save money and increase enquiries in the most successful areas.

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