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Are You Missing a Link in your Marketing?


With marketing budgets still being cut, marketers have to justify their spend to directors or finance departments. With different marketing campaigns and places to advertise, how can marketers really tell if their advertising campaigns are really working?

Today, a lot of emphasis is on website visits, an increase in call volume, and increased sales. But how are those telephone calls being measured and analysed?

Many marketers are not tracking the telephone enquiries coming in and therefore are only seeing half the picture. Web marketers will analyse visits and online traffic in thorough detail. However, the web - as well as traditional media - still uses the telephone as a call to action but quite often there is no tracking procedure in place.

Call Tracking from Mediahawk has the answer. Mediahawk, a call tracking provider helps marketers to identify which campaigns and advertisements are working by giving a unique telephone number to each campaign.

It allows the marketer to capture and measure telephone leads in a report, similar to that of Google Analytics, by determining where, when and how the calls were received and which campaign or advertisement the phone call originated from.

For example, if your business was running a marketing campaign, putting unique telephone numbers on your different channels such as direct mail, website pages and outdoor campaigns will allow you to easily see which method of advertising attracted the most interest by the number of calls generated by the unique number.

This then enables you, the marketer, to determine which campaigns have been the most successful and which media are not worth using again, giving you the missing link allowing you to gain an insight of where your callers are calling from, which campaigns they are reacting to and helping you to then target a particular market with the right advertising, saving you time and money in the future.

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