Are You Capturing Every Conversion From PPC?

Pay per click advertising is a vital element in any marketing campaign. The conversion rate is an important way to assess the success of the campaign and its particular keywords. As this form of advertising is online and will predominantly focus on driving new clients to the website, the tendency is to concentrate on online conversions.

When assessing the activity levels and conversion rates, the web traffic and click-throughs will be the main indicator of how successful the campaign has been. However, depending on the nature of the business and what it advertises, there is a large element missing when it comes to capturing responses. Measuring the offline activity in the form of telephone calls using website call tracking, will enable the marketer to get the whole response picture and provide more accurate figures when it comes to return on investment.

Website call tracking is the practice of allocating telephone numbers to specific keywords and referring urls.

The visitor searches using the keyword “hotels bristol” and clicks on your PPC advert. The click takes them through to the website and there they will see all the information they need as well as a specific telephone number allocated to that particular keyword. When the marketer comes to analyse the results, they can see which keyword generated a telephone call.

In a nutshell, website call tracking is a vital element when it comes to providing the full picture of response analysis.

Jon Hall of web designers mkWebSolutions says:

“Pay Per Click campaigns are becoming a vital marketing tool. Knowing which work – and which don’t – not only help you refocus your marketing budget, it also gives you a very good idea of what your potential customers are actually searching for!”

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