6 Ways That Marketers Are Using Vine

If you’ve not heard of Vine yet, allow me to give you a quick back story: Vine is a mobile social networking app that allows users to take 6 seconds worth of video footage from their mobile devices and share it with their friends both within Vine itself and through other social networking sites. It takes the essence of Twitter’s 140 character micro-blogging philosophy and applies it to video.

When a new social network emerges, marketers usually aren’t far behind in thinking of ways to leverage it for business use. Vine is no different, and thanks to its super speedy publishing of short videos, it enables businesses to communicate messages that can only be illustrated through video.

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There are probably thousands of ways your business can use Vine, and to give you a step-by-step guide on how to use it would be limiting, so instead we thought we’d give you a handful of examples that have proven to be effective as well as pretty darn entertaining and creative too.

1. Toyota

Approximately $22 billion was spent on advertising in the automotive industry alone during 2013, according to Forrester Research. That’s a lot of money and a lot of sparkly new cars being advertised to us on a day-to-day basis.

To gain some extra visibility with social media, Toyota Spain looked to Vine to show off the new Yaris, gaining a lot of extra attention by doing so.

2. General Electric

This motor industry goliath leverages its Instagram and Vine feeds creatively to keep followers entertained and guessing what’s about to come next. This celebration Vine in honour of Nicolaus Copernicus’s 540th birthday was no exception.

3. Wheat Thins

It seems challenging, but this US cereal company found a way to make the dull subject of wheat cereals pretty entertaining with the use of stop motion animation. It used this as part of a Twitter campaign where people could win boxes of the cereal by tweeting with the hashtag #MUSTHAVEWHEATTHINS.

4. BuzzFeed

Many people are in love with BuzzFeed because of its amazingly insightful and outright ludicrous content. Its Vine feed, however, contains both funny and touching material, such as BuzzFeed’s petting zoo (as seen above).

5. Bacardi UK

If you enjoy winding down after a long week of digital marketing campaigns, lead generation and sales efforts with a nice ‘adult’ beverage then this Vine is for you. Bacardi shows how 6 second videos can be leveraged with a recipe demonstration.

6. Urban Outfitters

And finally, irrelevant to its product range yet totally in tune with its brand essence and target audience, Urban Outfitters share a Vine post simply containing a bunch of cute dogs. It might not sell many clothes but it sure does get a lot of attention.

How do you think your business could benefit from Vine? Do any of these inspire you to share 6 seconds of your message?

Image credit: Esther Vargas

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