3 Ways to Increase Your Sales Force & Customer Service Effectiveness

We’re constantly talking about how, with current analytic technologies, it’s much easier than ever before to track which of your marketing efforts are making your phones ring. What many people don’t know is that these same inbound technologies can actually be used to optimise your customer service and outbound processes, too.

With outbound call tracking, you can track the performance of sales staff by listening in to the calls they make as well as analyse call duration and overall time spent on the phone.

With that in mind, we want to run you through 3 ways you can use this technology to increase conversions and customer satisfaction quickly and easily.

Improve staff training

You can use outbound call tracking to listen in on phone calls your sales and customer service staff are making to see if there’s anything within the process that needs tightening up, as well as discover any gaps that need to be filled.

This is especially good for training new staff members as, when they first come on board, there may be certain elements they forget to cover. Some people just need a little reminder.

You can provide staff training in real time by providing feedback right after the call is over, instead of later on as an afterthought. Mistakes and missed opportunities can be corrected immediately.

Target missed sales opportunities

One of the biggest reasons our customers use Mediahawk call tracking is to uncover any missed sales opportunities that could be slipping through the net.

Are there any upselling or cross-selling opportunities that aren’t being taken advantage of? What aren’t sales staff taking care of? Why are they able to close the sales that they do? These are all questions many Marketing Managers have and, thanks to call recording, can be answered very accurately.

As marketers, we tend to be fairly analytical by nature, so having this kind of data available can help us discover various trends that can really help go towards future staff training and increase conversions.

Product development

It’s now even easier than ever before to tap into the needs of your prospects and customers, especially thanks to the internet. You can easily listen in to what your market is screaming out for you to provide them with, and call tracking now makes this even easier.

With clever and careful analysis, you can gather data from your customer service and sales calls to identify any needs that aren’t being taken care of in your marketplace. Furthermore, you can discover why some prospects are choosing your various competitors instead of you, allowing you to develop that particular feature, product or service as part of your offering.

Outbound call tracking makes it even easier to develop a product development plan, because you’ll be creating exactly what your market needs, not what you think they need.

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