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Using Call Recording to Monitor Telemarketing Campaigns

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Call recording can be used to monitor the effectiveness of your latest telemarketing campaign. Measuring how many outbound calls are being made as well as listening to the quality of those calls is essential if your business uses this medium to gain vital touch points with new markets.

Listening to the calls made will give you an insight into how your team are engaging with potential new clients. It is often better to improve the quality of the calls rather than the quantity, depending on your business.

Call recording is very simple to use and can be accessed online through any PC or laptop at any time of the day or night. The outbound call recording function is on demand and as such all you need to do is type in a code prior to making a call and that call will be recorded. This makes it especially functional for field based workers as they can use the system in a home office as well as your head office.

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