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Score To Win!

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The more you score in football the greater the chance of winning. The same is true of call scoring when applied to call tracking numbers. Call tracking provides essential marketing response information. Listening to calls and then categorising them makes it possible for you to get even more granular with your reports by linking the calls to performance and sales.

Categorising calls provides greater granularity

Mediahawk provides the ability for you to categorise your calls so that data can be analysed to show the different type of calls, then link these back to marketing sources. For instance, if you use Google PPC advertising you can see how many calls a particular keyword generated then categorise them according to the type of call, such as a sales or customer service call. Furthermore, if it was a sales call you can identify the sales value and note this, providing you with a return on sales figure.

Not only can you categorise calls for closer attribution, they can also be scored to get an understanding of the quality of the call. Scoring gives you the ability to focus on training needs for individual staff. The scores can be based on different call attributes to give an empirical basis for performance. This can then be analysed to understand trends: for instance, does performance drop during periods of high call volume and, if so, does this require more staffing during these high call periods?

Easy to set up

Call scoring is very simple to set up and takes no more than five minutes to put in place. All that's required is an understanding of the categories (i.e. sales, customer service, complaints) and how these should be scored. The scoring criteria can be anything up to 10 different levels. Once these have been set up, every time a call is listened to they can then be categorised appropriately with scores and notes added to them. Simples!

Linking enquiries to marketing

We have a number of clients who use categorisation and scoring to drive their business processes. The categorisation is used when they review their marketing – helping them link the enquiries by source to the various enquiry types. This then allows them to negotiate a better spend on their marketing and drop advertising sources that don’t work. For instance, if two advertising sources generate 25 calls but one has 15 definite sales calls and the other only 5, which is the more valuable source? It is not unknown for advertisers to use tracking numbers as the main touch point with a client to drive up the perceived enquiry levels. By tracking the enquiries it's easy to remove this bias!

Cost effective solution

The key challenge of categorisation and scoring is the perceived cost of employing someone to listen to and analyse the calls. Call listeners provide a unique insight into how a business is performing because they are easy to train and can instantly provide feedback on individual's performance. This information is gold dust to busy managers. Employing someone to listen to calls has yielded clients over a 500% return on the investment of the role. This return is achieved by using call tracking technology to gain vital insight into how sales staff are performing – and making sure they manage their leads effectively.

The gulf between a great call which creates empathy with a customer compared to a dreadful call that does not even get basic details is enormous. Not surprisingly, the companies that focus on and strive for the excellent calls are those that outperform in their sales performance. The critical part is having the appropriate categorisation tools to manage this performance gap.

Get in touch with us and let us show you how to score to win!

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