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If your latest marketing campaign has been successful, pat yourself on the back. What is your conversion rate like? Not as good? How do you maximise on the success of your marketing activity and really get the most from every lead that comes into the business. If they are not being converted, why not? Are they getting quotes from you and then using the competition, is there a reason why?

Don’t waste the hard work spent on getting them to contact you in the first place, understand why these enquirers are not converting. In this post, I’ll give you some tips on how to train your staff to improve conversions as well as gaining a better understanding of why enquiries are different now and your sales team need to adapt to the change.

1. Call tracking

Are you aware of where your enquiries are coming from? Do you track your results from the internet, direct mail, advertising and email marketing? This is the first place to start when looking at increasing conversions; understanding the lead and capturing it. Measure your results from marketing using call tracking software. Allocate an 03 or local presence phone number to all your marketing material. This way you can measure the success of your marketing activity and have an understanding of where your leads are coming from. Use an analytics program to measure your internet enquiries and traffic. Google offer a free analytics program to do this and it will help you to monitor your leads.

2. CRM

Make sure all leads that come into the business are entered onto a CRM system. Identify the source (this is where call tracking and analytics comes in). Enter all the actions that have taken place against this lead and note a date for follow-up. These simple measures will ensure that all leads stay front of mind and are not lost during busier periods.

3. Call recording

Use a call recording system to record all your inbound telephone enquiries. You can get either an external box system or an online network level program that plays the recording back through your desktop. The big advantage of having this in place is that telephone calls that come in off the back of marketing activity can be recording and listened to at your desk or used in a training room as either a good or bad example of a sales call.

Call recording is a very useful way of gaining insight into how your sales team are performing and it can be used to demonstrate bad habits and make improvements. General observations when listening to sales calls are that the sales person is busy and not concentrating on the caller. Also, the caller tends to have been passed around and left on hold for a while. These issues are very simple to iron out but from a top level perspective, impossible to gauge on a day to day basis without listening to calls first hand.

4. Follow-up

How long does it take for a lead to be contacted – 24 hours, 48 hours, a week, never? I received an email a few weeks ago from a company with a great product at what seemed to a good price. I responded to the company within five minutes of receiving the email. I am still waiting for a response, they are still sending me emails. I bought the same product from a competitor in the end. What a waste of time and money. If that company worked out the cost per lead on that activity and didn’t contact other responders they could have lost hundreds in marketing spend and potentially thousands in lost revenue.

Have a stringent process in place, set an auto-responder email if your enquiries come in this way. It just has to say, thank you for your enquiry, we will be in touch with you shortly. Ring or email the customer within four hours or less. If a telephone call comes in and the sales team are busy don’t put the person on hold unless they request it. Take their details and arrange for someone to call back within 30 minutes or less. In the age of the internet, timing is everything. Whilst your caller is waiting for you to ring them back they’ll be online looking for the next company to call. If they call and get to speak to someone straight away, you may have lost a sale.

5. Keep in touch

Ensure that all your leads are regularly mailed and called with offers from your business. They may have decided not to buy from you on this occasion or have postponed their purchase for a few months. Be there when they decided to buy again. Keep your name in their consciousness and you won’t have wasted your marketing spend.

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