Call Tracking Made Simple

Monitoring the traffic from email marketing and referrals to your website is relatively simple. The major hurdle for the majority of marketers is measuring the offline responses to online activity. Most consumer organisations still receive the majority of their enquiries via the telephone so therefore it is vital to include this response mechanism.

To help you measure your offline responses here are some easy to set up tracking options to suit your next campaign

1. Call tracking telephone numbers

Call tracking telephone numbers are unique telephone numbers inserted into an advertisement, direct mail flyer, email, website, Google paid advert or any other form of promotion or advertising that requires a response. These telephone numbers are routed over your existing phone line and will be answered in the same way. The telephone number is monitored to measure how many calls have come in, how long they lasted, how many rings it took to be answered and where in the country the call came from. Any unanswered calls are also picked up.

2. Dynamic numbers (pay per click call tracking)

Dynamic numbers are a great way to measure telephone responses from marketing such as pay per click advertising, search engine marketing or banner advertising. A specific telephone number is allocated to each advert in this medium to enable it to be tracked when the user clicks through to your website. This works by changing the number on your website when the customer clicks through from an advert. If the customer telephones you the call is captured and can therefore be measured as an offline lead from online marketing.

For those of you engaging an SEO expert to raise your position on the search engines, this tool is vital. It measures the offline responses as this form of response to this type of marketing is rarely monitored correctly and can end up costing you thousands of pounds in wasted money. It is vital to measure offline response using call tracking as online marketing doesn’t just result in filled out web forms.

3. Call tracking reporting

If you need to justify your marketing spend and demonstrate ROI, call tracking reporting is essential. Allocating specific telephone numbers is the start of this process, using reporting that you can drill down to get the information you want is the next step. Analyse your data by date, time, and duration of call, duration of ring, channel, media group, and campaign. See clearly the cost per lead, how many calls were unanswered and where in the country your customers are calling from. Depending of the type of business you run, you will have different uses for the reporting. If you want to clearly identify the ROI of your marketing budget, right down to cost per lead, having reporting in black and white to justify your marketing decisions is essential.

4. ROI on sales

It’s one thing measuring the ROI on your marketing efforts to justify your spending patterns; but how successful have your ads been in terms of actual sales? Linking up your database with a call tracking reporting system is the Holy Grail in terms of sales management. Simple to achieve and extremely worthwhile when planning future marketing campaigns; call tracking ROI measurement is the next step on from call tracking and will give you the control you need during an ever changing climate.

5. Call recording

If your marketing is going well and you have a steady stream of traffic resulting in enquiries from your website why are you not converting? How are your sales team performing? Are you listening to how they speak to customers? Isn’t it time you did? You can record your calls that are coming in as a result of your marketing activity using a simple network level call recording system. The best system is one that works with your existing call tracking reporting tool.

6. Referral scheme

If you are a direct marketing, digital or SEO agency why not suggest to your clients that they use call tracking to measure the effectiveness of their marketing both on and offline. This benefits you in two ways; firstly you will be able to show clients that the hard work you have been putting into their marketing campaigns is paying off. Secondly we will pay you commission for every client you refer to us for call tracking.

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