5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Invest In Call Tracking

Some time has been spent to try and sugarcoat the introduction to this blog, but sometimes you just need to say it how it is: Call tracking is awesome.

There are, however, some people out there that feel they don’t need it and that it’s a waste of time. Perhaps you’re one of them? Maybe you’re on the fence as to whether or not you should invest in call tracking or just feel it’s a waste of money?

In this blog post I’m going to help you decide once and for all by giving you 5 reasons why you probably shouldn’t invest in call tracking:

Reason #1: You don’t want to boost ROI

This is probably the biggest reason why people don’t implement call tracking into their marketing – they just don’t want to know what’s working. Call tracking, after all, is a surefire way of figuring which of your marketing efforts are worth investing in – and which are doing you a terrible disservice.

If you could put a pound into a machine and get £5 back every time, how many pound coins would you put in? This is the kind of thinking that call tracking helps you establish.

Call tracking can help you truly create a marketing machine that does this, but would you rather hide under stacks of paper and ignore the potentially profit-boosting wake up call? If so, call tracking probably isn’t for you.

Reason #2: You love to waste marketing budget

On that note, your marketing could be doing the opposite. If you rely heavily on the phone to gain an inbound response, not implementing call tracking is a surefire way to bundle some money together and throw a match to it.

Analytics technology has come a long way. The old excuse of not knowing if something in your marketing mix is truly working or not is becoming an ineligible one.

Don’t get call tracking if you don’t want to cut the waste from your marketing budget or allocate budget elsewhere.

Reason #3: You love your telephone number

This one is understandable – you finally manage to find a phone number that looks sexy and you’re probably very proud of it. You know the type: a number with a load of 0’s that looks easy to remember and is sure to impress customers.

Call tracking requires you to have separate numbers for each of your different marketing efforts, and that includes your website. The point of this is to finally discover where your phone calls are coming from and which adverts are performing best.

Truth of this matter is, no one really cares about how pretty a phone number looks. When asking a segment of people if they remember a particular phone number, most of them simply can’t. It’s just not that important to them.

Oh, and this includes the keywords that people are using in search engines to find you — allowing you to invest in the right SEO and PPC campaigns — which requires quite a lot of phone numbers.

Which is worth more, a pretty looking phone number or a greater digital marketing ROI?

Reason #4: You don’t want to see how many missed calls you’re letting slip through the net

They say ignorance is bliss, and most people would rather keep their heads buried in the sand than know the true cost of their advertising, not to mention the amount of potentially qualified leads that might be slipping through the net.

Missed call alerts is a great feature that comes with our call tracking software. You can compare the quantity of calls being answered to those being missed, and whether they were missed because the line was engaged or they’re simply not being answered by your staff.

Analytic technology is allowing us to fill more and more gaps in our marketing and operational effectiveness.
Would you really rather not know which calls are slipping through the net and potentially leaving money on the table? If the answer is yes it’s probably best you leave call tracking alone.

Reason #5: You trust staff as your tracking solution

Some businesses are already tracking where their phone calls are coming from – in a roundabout way. Asking a caller where they heard about your business is common practice for call handlers, but it’s not as effective as it used to be.

Unfortunately, trusting staff to take down the right information is not as accurate as, say, a call tracking solution! Call tracking takes this burden away from your staff and does it with laser-focused accuracy; especially when it comes to the keywords they typed in order to find you.

Do you view your staff as an analytics solution and want to avoid upsetting them? You guessed it – avoid call tracking at all costs.

There are many other reasons why you probably shouldn’t touch call tracking, but these are the most common we come across. If however you believe that a greater ROI is of greater importance than any of the things we mentioned above, then call tracking definitely IS for you.

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