Unlock Your (not provided) Google Keywords

In April, Google changed the information that they give on secure searches in regards to keywords. Essentially, keyword data is now hidden for secure searches made on Google. However, we’ve now implemented a simple solution that will still enable you to view this information in Mediahawk.

Call Tracking and Google (not provided) Keywords

Depending on the browser and version, even if a user does not choose to go to the secure version of Google they may automatically be redirected to the secure site, therefore the keyword is not passed.

Marketers still need to see which keywords are generating calls.

In the destination URL of paid ads, a parameter can be added which contains the keyword that was matched. Mediahawk will pick this keyword up and will match
against it.

To be able to track calls to keywords, simply add &mh_keyword={keyword} to the end of the url in Google Adwords.

Mediahawk allows the use of the tags utm_term or mh_keyword. However, if you are currently using a different tag, then you simply need to advise Mediahawk’s Client Services team of your existing tag and it can be added to our system. This will allow you to continue to use the tag, and Mediahawk can still pick up the keyword.

As soon as this tag is entered and the adverts start receiving calls, the keyword matched will be assigned to the call. Adding this tag to the destination URL means that you are able to continue to use the Mediahawk reporting system to look at which keywords are generating calls and you don’t need any other integrations.

If the referring URL contains the keyword, Mediahawk will always use this before looking for the keyword in the ads’ destination URL.

Keywords play a vital part in online advertising. Adding the tag into the ads’ URL will identify the keywords that are generating leads. This knowledge will help to ensure your future campaigns and online advertising are better targeted and more cost efficient.

You should also make sure you have correctly integrated your call tracking software with AdWords, as you’ll still be able to see all the relevant and correct keyword data about which ads your customers are clicking on within the AdWords search query report.

If you haven’t integrated your call tracking software with Google AdWords, get in touch and we can help you to set this up.

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