Track Phone Calls in Google Analytics & AdWords

Are you missing a crucial piece of data from your marketing response? Integrating call tracking with your Google Analytics account enables you to view telephone conversions alongside online conversions, giving you a more complete view of how your marketing campaigns are performing.

Mediahawk offers the most advanced Analytics integration available, and provides a granular level of detail for advanced tracking.

Integrate your Google Analytics with Mediahawk – get started today

Benefits of integrating Google Analytics and Mediahawk

Our Google Analytics integration provides you with a better understanding of the interactions that lead to call conversions:

  • Easily view which pages generate calls in your Analytics account
  • Track every interaction with your campaigns and view phone calls in Analytics
  • View custom data about the phone call, such as call length or service number back to Universal Analytics
  • Create custom dimensions and metrics to track even more detail in Universal Analytics
  • Compare your phone call data to your online activity in your Analytics account
  • Customise the information you send to Analytics per number/campaign.

What data does Mediahawk send to Google Analytics?

Mediahawk sends the following information as a virtual page to Google Analytics for both ‘In visit’ and ‘Post visit’ calls:

  • The keyword that generated the call (Vision only)
  • Event / Goal Type
  • Campaign name, Medium and Source (Classic numbers only)
  • Tag Parameters (if set in Mediahawk and GA)
  • Page Title (if defined)
  • Host Name
  • Referral Page
  • Page requested (default virtual page – for example: ‘/Phonecalls.html’)

For ‘In visit’ calls, we also send:

  • Google Client ID (if available. If not Mediahawk generates a unique ID)
  • Call length

For ‘Post visit’ calls, the Client ID is always a Mediahawk generated unique ID, not a GA ID.

Custom dimensions and metrics

Universal Analytics allows you to create, collect and analyse data that Google Analytics doesn’t usually collect, such as call duration, ring length, offline source, etc. This information is captured in Mediahawk and is sent directly to your Analytics account, enabling you to segment and measure more granular information.

Universal Analytics allows you to create 20 custom dimensions and 20 custom metrics.

  • ‘Dimension’ is a value such as a telephone number, source or keyword.
  • ‘Metric’ is a numeric value such as total ring length or call duration.

To get started, create your custom dimensions and/or metrics in your Universal Analytics account. You’ll then need to finalise the setup in Mediahawk.

Once complete, there are two ways of viewing the data in Analytics:

  • Both custom dimensions and metrics are available in custom reports.
  • Custom dimensions can also be used as secondary dimensions in standard reports.

Call benchmarking

Longer calls most likely represent a greater value to your business. Classifying your calls by length allows you to identify and focus on the high value conversions.

Mediahawk’s Google Benchmarking feature enables you to monitor your campaign performance more closely, allowing you to apply bidding strategies to help maximise your conversion values and ensure that you reach your target return on ad spend.

You can also want to track answered calls as a different goal to unanswered calls in Analytics again, allowing you to drill down into more granular detail.

Google AdWords

Integrating Mediahawk with your Analytics account also enables you to report phone calls as conversions in Google AdWords. This gives you complete transparency on how your PPC campaigns are performing.

Learn more about integrating with Google Analytics – get in touch.

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