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Mediahawk Crack Open The Champagne At Their Exciting New Office

It was so great to see many of you on Thursday evening. If you’re a follower of all things Mediahawk then you may already know that we’ve recently moved into larger offices in the Milton Keynes area, right next to the M1.

Why did we decide to move from the wonderful countryside and into a more urban surrounding? Simple: we’re expanding. Fast.

More customers and more staff means the need for a great new office for everyone to work in! We’re also taking on a more consultative role with our clients so by being right near the M1 means you can come see us far more easily.

That’s right, we would love it if you come visit us. Whether you’re an existing client, someone interested in the power of Mediahawk’s call tracking or simply want to come in for a friendly, helpful chat with us you’re always welcome to pop in and say hello.

So to celebrate all this movement, as well as the upcoming release of Mediahawk 3.0, we invited some new and familiar faces alike into our offices for a splash of champagne and a short presentation. Needless to say, we had a lot more people turn up than we expected which made for a great atmosphere!

Thanks to this expansion, we’re planning on holding some educational workshops and lectures in the near future, covering everything in the marketing analytics and digital marketing realm.

Keen to see what we might cover? Check out the free video series on marketing optimisation and marketing analytics. Get on board the Call Tracking Revolution!

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