Law Firms Miss Out on Leads Without Marketing Analytics

More often than not law firms have relied upon word of mouth and traditional media to market themselves.

Recently, the majority of firms have added digital to their marketing mix. But we’ve discovered that many are neglecting to monitor their activities – and it’s costing them.

Many law firms don’t know where their enquiries are coming from, so they’re missing out on vital leads and wasting their budget on marketing channels that aren’t generating clients.

Do you know which marketing activity is producing your leads?

Automating the monitoring and tracking of your marketing couldn’t be simpler. We’ve managed to vastly improve a number of legal clients’ marketing with our call tracking software.

A recent communications audit for Stephensons Solicitors revealed they were underusing their marketing budget. We discovered that 98% of the law firm’s telephone enquiries had been generated through the company’s website. Yet, over the same period, only 1% of enquiries came from the six (expensive) newspaper ads that were running.

This simple analysis of the effectiveness of the firm’s marketing channels helped determine where they should allocate future budgets. They were able to stop wasting their resources on advertising that wasn’t producing results.

Digital analytics can track offline marketing activity too

Many law firms use multiple marketing channels, both online and offline. These might include PPC advertising, social media activity, email marketing, online webinars, or print advertising.

Mediahawk’s call tracking software can accurately track online and offline referrals. It’s now possible to track the effectiveness of all of your marketing efforts.

The audit for Stephensons Solicitors showed which of their activities are generating leads and, ultimately, new business. As a result, they have been able to cut redundant channels out of their marketing mix and save money.

Marketing analytics for law firms

Law firms aren’t expected to be digital experts, but it’s essential that they’re utilising the latest digital software.

To help you get started, we’ve produced a free downloadable PDF: The Legal Marketers Guide to Analytics.

You can download the eBook for free. Here’s what you’ll learn when you download your copy:

  • the four key metrics you need to monitor to ensure your marketing is effective;
  • actionable steps to take to improve your marketing, and;
  • the best tools to help you manage your activity.

Start making the most of your legal marketing today.


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Legal Marketers Guide to Analytics

Family law, commercial, IP, and so on are complex legal matters that require a phone call. As a marketer, you need to know which campaigns generate these inbound enquiries.

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