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How to Use Call Tracking In Your Social Media Strategy


Most businesses are still using traditional media in order to stay relevant in the eyes of the consumer. When you’re in your car on your way to the office, home, or that golf session you are probably going to see numerous billboards along the roads.

Until call tracking came along, you couldn’t effectively calculate the ROI of these billboard ads. We just assumed that they worked like it they supposed to. On the other hand, even though you might spend £300 on Facebook ads and £200 on Twitter in order to boost your online exposure, how sure are you that that this strategy is working for you? The answer to this question is to implement call tracking in your social media campaigns.

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Each social media campaign can be assigned a call tracking telephone number. You can purchase these numbers at minimal cost and then assign each one of them to a specific social media account for the purposes of tracking telephone calls through to the business you are running.

You can assign a different phone number to your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn profiles, or even specific social media promotions. A bonus to this is that you have the option of recording every single call that goes into and out of your business, so not only will you be able to determine the number of calls that you receive, you can also determine the quality of each telephone call.

Calls generated from any online source can be tracked. A specific number is combined with the tracking code and then placed on your social media accounts. The phone tracking code that you apply to your website is unobtrusive and invisible to the visitors coming from your social media accounts.

When someone visits your social media account from a source that has been tracked, the call tracking code detects where your visitor is coming from and then dynamically replaces every phone number on your site with a telephone number that is specific to your tracked source.

The cost of implementing call tracking depends on a number of things. Campaign specific landing web pages and number of telephone lines are some of the things that can determine the overall cost. However, this is a generally inexpensive undertaking, especially when you consider the cost of using other forms of advertising. In addition, you do not require special equipment in order to implement such a marketing strategy. This is because the system can be incorporated in your existing telephone system.

Perhaps one of the best features of call tracking is that you’ll know when to change your marketing strategy. All adverts have their shelf life and people will become bored of seeing the same advert and this is particularly true if these people have already clicked on the advert. Even though the advert seems to be working, it does not mean that you should continue running it in the same manner. When the number of telephone calls from a particular advert begins to drop, that will be the time to change it.

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