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How To Use Call Alerts For Greater Customer Loyalty

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Call alerts for missed and received calls is a particularly useful feature for businesses. In this article we'll show you how using call alerts will improve your customer effectiveness.

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Missed call alerts

Missed call alerts automatically sends an email to registered users every time a phone call is missed. This email will show detail of when the call was missed and the caller's number.

Calls can be missed if the phone either rings out or is engaged. Missed call alerts are extremely useful to gain a understanding of when your call handlers might be under pressure to and therefore missing enquiries. The alerts can be set up on individual tracking numbers or across individual switches so that they show all missed calls.

Around £90 million in sales was lost in 2013 through missed calls. Implementing missed call alerts enables you to capture these enquiries that might have otherwise been lost.

Missed call alerts also allow you to quickly discover if there is a major fault with your inbound calls. If you suddenly get a lot of missed calls, this could mean that there's a problem with your phone line. You can then implement a disaster recovery strategy to divert calls whilst the problem is fixed.

Received call alerts

Received call alerts work in the same way as a missed calls, sending an alert after someone has called a particular number or switchboard. These are extremely useful for busy managers who can't look at lots of call data on a daily basis, but want to monitor a particular piece of marketing to analyse response.

An example of this is in the automotive sector. Dealers spend a great deal on Autotrader and it's important to be on top of each lead generated. Using received call alerts, you'll get an email every time the Autotrader number is called. This allows you to easily listen to the call to see how your sales team are performing and check that this valuable lead is being managed properly.

Using received call alerts on appropriate numbers, you can get a good feeling for the pulse of your business and how your team are performing without having to spend hours analysing data during your busy working day.

Call tracking comes with lots of useful pieces of functionality that can help you improve you operations and make your marketing more effective. The key is to know that the functionality exists and then implementing it in a way that helps you drive your call call handling forward.

Updated: 10th August 2016

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