6 Marketing Issues: SOLVED With Call Tracking

Long gone are the days that “We don’t know” was a suitable answer to, well, any marketing question. We now have so many analysis tools at our disposal that ignorance is no longer a viable excuse for not understanding what’s working and what isn’t in our promotional, inbound and outbound efforts.

Sometimes, however, it isn’t a matter of the lack of technology at our disposal, but instead a lack of knowing what the available technology can actually do for us. In this article I want to cover 6 marketing issues that you can finally solve with a particular piece of analytics technology close to our hearts: call tracking.

Marketing Issue #1: Measuring ROI

One major issue with advertising, especially on the more traditional side of the coin, is the ability to effectively measure ROI of the ads you’re investing in. Many marketers are sucking fingers and facing them to the wind in order to ascertain whether or not these efforts are working – it’s mostly guess work.

Call tracking fills in the gap between marketing channels and response. If you’re relying heavily on the phone, you can now find out which of your marketing efforts are leading to a phone call, allowing you to invest more in those that work and ditch the waste that’s sucking the life from your budget.

Marketing Issue #2: Knowing Sales Effectiveness

We’re strong believers of the 80/20 rule here at Mediahawk. Applying this practice to your sales department and you’ll see that, on average, 20% of your sales force will bring in 80% of the sales. The question is; why?

Most decent call tracking solutions come equipped with call recording functionality. This allows you to really dive deep into the performance of each of your sales staff. What are they doing that’s potentially letting them down? What could they be doing better? You can discover the answers to these questions with call tracking and offer personalised feedback and training.

Marketing Issue #3: Traditional Conversion Optimisation

Marketers have been optimising their online marketing efforts for years now – thanks to the help of Google’s Optimisation Tools (now “Experiments” within the Google Analytics platform) as well as other available services. The problem is, how do we do this with our more traditional marketing efforts?

Split testing can work across all channels, and now thanks to call tracking, this includes print (which is certainly not dead.) Just apply two different phone numbers to each variation of your advert, publish them with an even 50/50 split (which you should be able to arrange with the publisher) and away you go.

Marketing Issue #4: Attribution of Leads

Measuring where every single lead comes from is a huge challenge for many marketers. Being able to attribute which keywords are leading to phone calls and, more importantly, which of those calls lead to conversions is extremely important.

A call tracking solution will help you to collect sources, pages visited, keywords, ad campaigns and the phone calls themselves and “attribute” them to the same conversion path. This means you can accurately apply the right lead and sale to the right inbound or outbound marketing method.

Marketing Issue #5: Gaps in Operational Effectiveness

If you’re of the belief that all business activities fall under the umbrella of marketing then this particular issue should feel like a relevant one. Many businesses find there are certain gaps in their customer service and support teams that they find difficult to fill. These gaps include frequently asked questions, staff performance and customer satisfaction.

Much like your sales force, call tracking can help to easily fill in these gaps. Finding the most common questions and applying them to your marketing literature (website etc.) can help eliminate a lot of unnecessary calls and, with call recording, improving your staff’s performance is an easy task too.

Marketing Issue #6: PPC & SEO Effectiveness

Many companies spend up to thousands of pounds a month on AdWords campaigns in order to drive traffic that will lead to a response – in this case that response would be in the form of a phone call to your business. Problem is; there’s no way to tell if these keywords are actually leading to a phone call that helps towards ROI or even holds any relevance to your business.

Case in point: we used our own call tracking system to discover that keywords similar to “track calls” was generating inbound calls from people wanting to discover the location of their children by tracking their mobile phones, or trying to find out who that elusive “Blocked Number” was that just gave them a dodgy call. Obviously this isn’t what we offer, and we discovered the keywords that caused this to happen and cut them out for good.

Call tracking will help you focus your PPC and SEO efforts so you don’t waste your time on money vampires that bring in a bad response.

So there you go – six marketing issues easily stamped out with call tracking analytics.

Are you already using call tracking? What are the marketing issues you’ve managed to solve that we haven’t listed here? Share them in the comments below.

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