Worldpay Case Study

Complete marketing attribution

Worldpay are a leader in global payment processing technology and work with businesses of all sizes, supporting approximately 400,000 merchants in 126 currencies across 146 countries offering 326 local and alternative methods of payment.

The Challenge

Worldpay handle a large quantity of calls on a daily basis. They needed to identify the different types of calls they receive, giving them the insight they require to optimise their marketing efforts in order to increase the number of inbound sales calls. In order to do this, Worldpay wanted to implement a call tracking solution

Mediahawk’s solution

They chose Mediahawk because we were able to build a custom solution, affording them the flexibility they needed, and the capability to work through Worldpay’s marketing analytics challenges together with their team. Mediahawk helped Worldpay implement multiple call tracking integrations, giving them several outstanding results.

The results


As part of their call routing, Worldpay use an IVR (Interactive Voice Response) and were seeing a lot of callers terminating calls at this stage, without progressing further. Using the Mediahawk API and sorting callers by their Caller Line Identity (CLI), Worldpay identified telephone numbers that belonged to business services companies, such as recruiters. After speaking to these service providers, Worldpay saw a sharp decrease in these types of dropped calls.

Further analysis of the data revealed that a large number of the remaining hang-ups were from customers who called whilst on the product pages on Worldpay’s website. Removing the IVR routing from their product pages allowed callers to go straight through to the telesales handlers – increasing sales and reducing the number of customer hang-ups.


Sending call data into Google Analytics using Custom Dimensions and Metrics enabled Worldpay to detect that a large number of callers coming through on their non-brand PPC search terms, e.g. ‘merchant account’, were selecting the Customer Service option on the IVR.

It didn’t make sense that existing customers would search for terms like ‘merchant account’, and ‘contactless card machine’ to find their customer service number, so further investigation was undertaken.

Worldpay’s IVR on these non-brand campaigns was set to ‘press 1 for Customer Service, press 2 for Sales’. Analysis of the data established that callers searching for these products were actually sales leads but were being routed to Customer Services instead of Sales as they were pressing the first option on the IVR.

Even though the calls were still handled after being transferred back to Sales internally, this created a clunky customer experience – and also incorrectly attributed sales leads.

Changing the order of options on the IVR for their non-brand campaigns so that Sales were placed first, allowed Worldpay to resolve the problem, improving both customer experience and their marketing attribution.

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Marketing Attribution

Better customer experience
Reduced dropped calls

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